DePuy and Hip Dislocation

DePuy Orthopaedics recalled two types of artificial hip implants in August 2010 because an unacceptably high percentage of the implanted hips were failing. Ninety-three thousand hips were transplanted into patients around the world.

Hip Dislocation Caused by Faulty Implants

A major reason for the recall was that a large number of the implants were dislocating, causing immense pain and injury to surrounding tissue. Patients with a dislocated hip implant need immediate medical care.

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint. A hip implant has the same ball-and-socket configuration.

  • The acetabulum—the hip has a deep cup-shaped indentation in the pelvis called an acetabulum; the artificial hip has a cup-shaped shell that fits into the patient's acetabulum.
  • The femoral head—the other part of the joint is a round-shaped bone that fits into and rotates within the acetabulum. This bone is the head of the femur, or the top of the thigh bone. The artificial joint has a ball attached to the top of a stem, which is inserted into the patient's own femur.

Surrounding the patient's ball and socket joint is the joint capsule, consisting of soft tissue. The patient's ball is kept centered in the acetabulum by ligaments and this joint capsule. When the surgeon cuts the joint capsule to perform the hip transplant, the joint is destabilized. This destabilization is a problem until the ligaments and soft tissues heal and become strong.

Physical therapists work with patients to teach them which movements can be made safely until the healing process is complete.

How Does an Implant Cause the Hip to Dislocate?

A major complaint about the design of the DePuy artificial hip is that the cup-shaped part of the device is too shallow. This makes it both difficult for surgeons to implant as well as too shallow to securely hold the head of the artificial femur.

The hip can dislocate if the acetabular shell comes loose or if the femoral ball-shaped head comes out of the shell. A dislocated hip is a painful, emergency situation.

Treatment for Hip Dislocations

  • Revision surgery is done when an artificial hip fails.
  • Physical therapy is necessary to help a patient learn how to move after surgery. Certain movements are prohibited for a number of months until the tissues surrounding the artificial hip heal and become strong.

Contact a DePuy Hip Dislocation Lawyer

If you have had to deal with the pain, suffering, treatment and expense of a dislocated DePuy hip, you should seek the advice of a DePuy hip dislocation lawyer. You should be compensated, not only for the medical costs associated with a dislocated hip implant, but also for your pain and suffering. Call 1-800-407-8416 to schedule an evaluation of your case.

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